Space Scholarship Program

The Saudi Space Commission seeks to build the national human capital to be an essential resource for the space industry and to enhance the Kingdom’s competitive advantage. The development of national human capital is one of the most important potentials for the space sector in the Kingdom.

To achieve the objectives of the commission and the vision of the Kingdom 2030, the commission launched the first phase of the “Space Scholarship Program”. It includes scholarships ending with employment for elite students in the best (30) international universities in the disciplines of space sciences and technologies for the bachelor and master levels, such as: aerospace engineering, space sciences, and space policies.

Program objectives

Achieving the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by providing quality knowledge for distinguished people in priority areas such as the space sector

Enhancing the Kingdom's capabilities in the fields of research, development and innovation in the space sector by sending students to distinguished universities.

Enabling national cadres to achieve national aspirations.

Strengthening partnership and scientific exchange with the most prestigious universities, research and development centers, and international research institutions specialized in space sciences.

Application paths

The path of students at their own expense

The space scholarship program provides the opportunity for students to join at their own expense, according to the terms and criteria approved by the program.

Registration Closed

The path of unconditional admission

Providing the opportunity for those who have received unconditional admission from educational institutions within the scholarship program to join and start studying after completing the requirements and conditions.

Registration Closed

Program Journey

Receiving orders

25 July 2021

The applicant fills out the “Application Form” on the “Space Scholarship Program” platform with the correct data, attaching the necessary documents

Document matching

All documents and applications are subject to verification and compliance


The decision is issued by the program administration on the applicant’s request. The applicant will be notified via e-mail registered in the program’s electronic registration platform.

Joining the Scholarship

Enrollment in the space Scholarship program.