Ajyal Program Sponsoring Saudi Talent Human Capital Development Program (HCDP)

Nurturing generations of space scientists in Saudi Arabia

The Human Capital Development Program (HCDP), dubbed Ajyal, aims to build a vibrant and dynamic talent ecosystem in Saudi Arabia by creating a conducive environment and serving as a platform for opening economic and scientific tracks to engage Saudi citizens at all levels.

The program’s strategic objectives focus on incentivizing gifted young Saudis to grow interest in space sciences and applications. Aljyal program will set the stage for creating a national base of human talent who own the right qualifications; and will encourage scientific research and public interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

It will also pursue cooperation with the academia to accelerate research on space sciences and applications. The program will provide the scientific sectors and industries in Saudi Arabia with the right talent.

It was formulated in line with Vision 2030, particularly the following objectives:
• Build a life-long learning journey
• Improve fundamental learning outcomes
• Improve ranking of educational institutions
• Develop the brightest minds in priority fields
• Ensure alignment of educational outputs with labour market needs
• Expand vocational training to provide for labour market needs 

Mawhiba Agreement

The collaboration between Mawhiba and Saudi Space Commission (SSC) is steered toward incentivizing Saudi school and college students to specialize in space sciences, mathematics and technology.

The program will focus on raising awareness and inspiring students to grow interest in space sciences. Mawhiba agreement will strengthen SSC’s collaborative approach by rolling out progressive talent development programs to inspire future generations.

The program will support national economy by engaging the private sector and fostering investment and entrepreneurship; and will serve as a springboard for local, regional and international partnerships with like-minded institutions. The agreement is in line with Vision 2030 with its strategic goals as it seeks to create talent in the space sector, promote entrepreneurships and unlock economic potential.

The program also focuses on raising the profile of Saudi Arabia in the space sector, enabling the Kingdom to join the international space club; starting from partnerships with the academia and raising public awareness, to the more expansive international engagements.

We will seek to bolster the industry with a partnership that stands on clear objectives; an efficient regulatory framework, and the right infrastructure and tools. The program will motivate future generations and develop talent relaying on the most advanced qualification programs.

Our partnership with Mawhiba will be led by a joint team who will sponsor talent at all educational levels, creating a launching platform for the future. 

Universities Project

Unbounded Ambition

Enabling young generations to explore new possibilities across the space sector

SSC undertakes the responsibility of nurturing young talent by offering education and employment opportunities in the areas of applied sciences (physics and mathematics), and engineering and astronomy, to ensure a bright future and endless opportunities for young Saudis, male and female.

We will explore new horizons for empowering the young generations who will assume the mission of positioning the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at forefront of the international space club, using international scholarship programs and outreach platforms.

“The Saudi citizen has advanced capabilities and competencies that make him unique and enable him to make achievements for the present and future of his country.” HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, Board Chairman, Saudi Space Commission (SSC) We draw our inspiration from the experience of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman and his team who demonstrated absolute passion, creativity and drive to reach the space, relying on the combined expertise of a scientific team of scientists, gifted technicians, designers, and creative thinkers.

The made the dream come true. That space mission was a result of the collective efforts of the team, and hence Saudi Space Commission (SSC) seeks to build a similar dream team to implement our ambitious vision. 

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