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Saudi Space Commission is set to empower the generation of tomorrow to lead in the field of Space Science and its applications.

Meeting the demand of changing world environments, Saudi Space Commission initiates a future that dives into the universe and explores unparalleled opportunities of growth for the Saudi Kingdom.


To position space sector as a key contributor to Saudi Arabia's growth and prosperity and as an enabler of future generations, to benefit humankind.


To lead the space sector to realize the Saudi Vision 2030 by developing and organizing the sector and providing enablers to realize ground-breaking achievements.

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Forward looking, fosters innovation and rapid development of the national space sector.


Governs all space activities across applications and value chain in the civil and commercial sectors.


Conducive to and enables KSA’s vision and direction.


Serves peaceful needs to enhance the lives of the Kingdom’s residents and benefit all humankind.


Adheres to international laws and treaties recognized by the Kingdom.


الاستباقية في إلهام الجيل الشاب ليكون مبادراً في الأعمال، مبدعاً، جريء، ومتطلعاً إلى المستقبل

Looking Forward

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz
Chairman of the Saudi Space Commission

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to the Saudi Space Commission’s website, which shall prove to be a doorway to any information in relation to the relevant sector and the ambitious commission. As per the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Space Commission will utilize all its strategic capabilities to benefit from space sciences, in terms of knowledge and economical touchpoints. 

We will also aim for the growth, development and welfare of the people of the region and humanity as a whole. His instructions emphasize the importance of working towards opening doors towards the future and planning a framework that meets all aspirations and fulfils all hopes and dreams. Thus, I and my colleagues, place on our shoulders the ambitions of this great nation to make the most of the space world.

Today, the space sector has become crucial to compete for its beneficial opportunities and capacities that can assist humanity in all aspects.

Among the many futuristic goals of the Saudi Space Commission, some of the crucial ones include encouraging and stimulating research and industrial activities in the sector. Further, initiating development of specialized national units and implementing the national space strategy plans. The strategy plan was prepared by the commission in cooperation with partners and those interested in the field from both the government and private sectors.

Moreover, SSC aims at regulating satellites matters in the field of space communications and developing latest spacecraft technologies and services. The Saudi Space Commission will build on the major achievements in the space sectors that have been carried out by Saudi citizens for more than thirty-four years and will work diligently and with determination to complete the distinctive joint programs implemented by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and several research centres within the Kingdom.

We believe in the importance of your inputs, suggestions and opinions and we welcome all your requests with great interest. Do not hesitate at all to support us with your ideas, visions and proposals.

We work for you in best interests. 


Ajyal Project

Human Capital Program (HCP)
The Human Capital Program is the realization of a prosperous learning environment for space sector. It has a comprehensive set of strategic objectives that aim at training, educating, retaining local and international talent across Saudi Arabia in the relevant field. In the broader spectrum of Ajyal we nurture both university projects and Mawhiba.

Mawhiba Agreement

The collaboration between Mawhiba and SSC cumulatively aims at encouraging students and young talent to seek interest in the field of science, mathematics, research and technology. The dimensions covered under the program will focus on space awareness, inspiration and education for school and university students.

Agreement with Mawhiba will further strengthen our collaborative approach to achieve progressive, thought provoking and talent programs that shall serve as an inspiration for the budding sector.

Universities Project

SSC has strategically aligned itself to be the enablers for multiple opportunities and careers in the field of Applied Sciences, physics, mathematics, engineering and cosmology for young talent across the region.

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SSC is orchestrating a dynamic future that focuses on diversifying the key focus sectors of the Kingdom

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