Saudi Space Commission Organizes 2nd Edition of “Go to Space” Camp

معسكر انطلق للفضاء

The “Go to Space” training camp is launched again in its second edition virtually under the organization of the Saudi Space Commission and in cooperation with TSTI the training partner. The program aims to develop male and female students’ knowledge of the scientific disciplines in the field of justice by raising awareness and increasing knowledge and curiosity in this regards.
The camp targets the third intermediate level as well as the secondary school students, to be dedicated to the natural sciences “science” major for the second and third grades of secondary school.
The camp criteria include the following: the applicant must be a Saudi national, and currently studying in the third intermediate or secondary stages, which will be dedicated to the natural sciences major for both the second and third secondary grades. Moreover, the proficiency in English language, both spoken and written, and passing the entrance exam for the camp.
The camp is scheduled to start with two parallel tracks, the first track “Space Exploration: Introduction to Space Science”, which targets the third intermediate and first secondary students for five days, from 9 am to 1 pm.
While the second track, “Space Situational Awareness: Introduction to Astronautics and Space Systems”, it targets second and third secondary students from the natural sciences major “Scientific”, for five days from 1 pm to 5 pm.
The camp will be held virtually from 14 to 18 of August. It is worth noting that the registration period ends on 06/08/2022.
This step comes to raise scientific knowledge of the importance of specialization in space sciences and technologies, as well as pointing out their importance and highlighting them, to inspire and motivate future generations.
To register for the camp, click on the following link: