Saudi Space Commission Launches “Madar” Training Program

برنامج مدار التعليمي

The Saudi Space Commission launches the “Madar” program, which offers several tracks and training courses aimed at raising the level of knowledge in the space sector and its sciences. The program will accommodate 1,000 male and female trainees from various scientific majors, by providing different courses (theoretical and practical) in the space sector.
The program includes three main tracks: the “Specialized Space Orbit” track, which consists of two sub tracks, the “Satellite” track and the “Public Space” track. It will be presented over five weeks each.
The program also includes the “Orbit of Knowledge” track for short training courses, which lasts for five days for each course, and the “Orbit Alpha” track to train trainers, with a duration of up to two weeks. The program targets recent graduates, and those interested in the space sector and its workers.
This initiative comes in light of the Saudi Space Commission’s interest in developing human cadres, developing national capabilities and skills in the space sector, as well as qualifying those interested in the field with sufficient experience and knowledge, and empowering its workers to advance the space sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.