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Saudi Space Commission

To Building a Progressive Nation

Delivering a better quality of life through advancement and consideration of new frontiers.

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) was established by the royal order in December of 2018 (Rabi II 1440).

This bold step serves a future that is innovative and looks forward to the latest technologies and opportunities in the Saudi Space Industry.

With the Kingdom moving towards a progressive quality of life, SSC demonstrates the aligned vision of creating better, secure environments for its citizens while actively enabling prospects of lucrative economic and monetary inventions.

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) has strategized to create primary objectives that serve national security interests against space related risks and encourage cumulative growth and advancement.

SSC Objectives

Leveraging Strategic Thought & Building Partnerships

Executing the National Space Strategy (NSS) which aims at creating and devising programs in coordination with the public and private sectors.

Invest in Space Centric Studies

Supporting space-focused scientific research and industrial activities.

Developing Spacecraft Technologies and Services

Constantly look into technological advancement to boost the building of latest space tools.

Nurturing National Talent

Creating human capital and constantly giving opportunities to the potential, aspiring talent.

Innovative Space technologies

Regulating the satellite industry and space communications.


To position space sector as a key contributor to Saudi Arabia's growth and prosperity and as an enabler of future generations, to benefit humankind.


To lead the space sector to realize the Saudi Vision 2030 by developing and organizing the sector and providing enablers to realize ground-breaking achievements.

SSC Roles and Responsibilities

  • Implementing the National Space Strategy (NSS) which includes Advancement activities, new frontiers and enablement touchpoints.
  • Devising necessary policies and frameworks for Saudi Space Commission (SSC) and related bodies.
  • Regulating the satellite industry, including satellite systems and communications services.
  • Developing spacecraft launch capabilities and technologies.
  • Setting the standards for building the necessary infrastructure for operating the space industry, including ground stations, spacecraft launch and suborbital space flights.
  • Organizing and sponsoring space exploration missions and activities.
  • Nurturing national talent in related fields.
  • Regulating activities related to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
  • Promoting space security using activities that cover space surveillance and monitoring, space debris detection, early warning and autonomous intelligence.
  • Building cooperation with government agencies and their counterparts worldwide, and international organizations to serve mutual interests.
  • Representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at international forums.

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